Silky Pearl Lotion

Silky Pearl Lotion (Japan Formulation)

Suitable for dry hair.  Helps rebonded hair stay in shape.  This products contain plant keratin and moisturizing siloxane.  It instantly removes hair kinks.  Extremely dry, curled and unmanageable hair becomes silky smooth after application.  Your hair will regain its luster and lightness without the greasy look.  Nourishes and helps to maintain hair’s moisture level and reduce statics.  Apply before going outdoors.  It forms a smooth and lustrous barrier that protects hair against UV damage.

Sesuai untuk penjagaan rambut yang telah di ‘rebonding’ dan untuk rambut kering, rosak dan bercabang.  Memberikan perlindungan dari UV serta menjadikan rambut lebih bersinar dan kelihatan cantik terurus.

Harga Pasaran:  RM 38

Another Quality Product From Darin Trading | Content by Naza